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We offer flexible and collaborative individual substance use counseling sessions, tailored to meet your goals.  These sessions can be scheduled in several different convenient locations in South Florida.  If you wish to save time in your first session, please complete this initial assessment.

If you are currently utilizing MAT or wish to explore MAT, let us help you.  We can provide linkage to MAT resources, such as physicians and 12-step groups, and will provide counseling services to create a comprehensive recovery program.


Independent Recovery is a fully mobile counseling service.  We understand that transportation may be a barrier to counseling services for those who are struggling or are early in their recovery process.  If you require our services, we are able to meet you at your residence or location of your choosing, and we also have several available office locations throughout South Florida.  We also provide mobile services to sober living and to setup aftercare services for substance use programs.




Substance use impacts families and couples in different ways.  We work with individuals and their families, as well as couples, to improve communication and resolve issues that have resulted from substance use.  We can also provide coaching to families who do not have a loved one in counseling with us.




Our group counseling sessions are designed as a continuation of your personal growth process. They are specifically tailored for individuals that are dealing with maintaining their recovery while managing current life issues.  Individuals in this group are substance-free and work together to identify solutions to common problems in early recovery.

Counseling is not always easy, and making the decision to start can be challenging.  We understand this and are able to provide you with counseling services on a HIPAA compliant platform, which is accessible from phone, tablet, or computer.  Video counseling allows us to have sessions together from the comfort of your own home.  If you have further questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please inquire below.


We understand that counseling does not easily fit into every budget.  That is why we utilize a sliding scale for our fees, which is based off your income.  Our sliding scale determines the cost of both individual and group counseling services.  We also provide our NPI numbers if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.  Once you have progressed in individual counseling, we may recommend you to our substance use group.  We offer reduced rates for those wishing to commit to at least three months of group and individual counseling.  Please inquire below with questions.

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