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Independent Recovery

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Independent Recovery's vision is to meet individuals struggling with substance use, where they are, and meet their actual needs in a safe non-judgmental environment. We also advocate for non-dependent counseling relationships where the individual is responsible for their own life and recovery from substance use.

We have identified that those struggling with substance use are not always being reached with services, and when they are, these services aren't transitioning individuals appropriately into the "real world" after inpatient treatment. Some individuals may not even want to go to inpatient treatment, so the services that are available are not what these individuals are looking for. They may also not be able to participate in inpatient treatment due to work, family, or other obligations.

Individuals are also receiving services that they don't necessarily need or that they don't actually wish to participate in. Independent Recovery operates by identifying how you as the client want to enhance your recovery program and will connect you with resources. Or, if you want to participate in ancillary services, such as acupuncture or yoga, to enhance your recovery program, but you aren't participating in these, what are the internal and external barriers that are stopping you? We utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to work with these internally imposed barriers. We can also help you take charge of identifying and removing external barriers.

As a part of your journey, we are here to support you recovering in the way you feel you need to. Our experiences, personal and professional, can help us guide you, but ultimately the plan is yours, and the implementation is your responsibility. What are you waiting for? Head on over to our get started page, provide us with some basic information to connect you with the right counselor, and let's get started.